CBD Peace

My clients were looking to brand their new product. I completed industry and competitor research. I knew from experience that branding had to be flexible to fit on multiple aspect ratios. The client requested a design based on a mandala. We were also looking for a unique product name, with an available domain name.

With a mandala in mind I started designing.  I applied each design idea to their three product labels. While one design might work great on the the narrow tincture bottle, it didn’t fit well on the thinner wrap around jar labels.  While those two labels where rectangular, the jar also needed a round label for the lid.

A week later I presented my client with four design options. They had a tough time choosing. In the end they decided on a modernized take on a lotus. I can’t show the winning design since they haven’t started using it.  I can show you one of the designs they didn’t choose. The peace sign design was strong and memorable contender. It also skirts the FDA regulations forbid making pain relief claims. Offering peace is unquantifiable, yet communicates general feelings of wellbeing.


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