CBD Peace

My clients were looking to brand their new product. I completed industry and competitor research. I knew from experience that branding had to be flexible to fit on multiple aspect ratios. The client requested a design based on a mandala. We were also looking for a unique product name, with an available domain name. I can’t show the winning design since they haven’t started using it.  I can show you one of the designs they didn’t choose. The peace sign design was strong and memorable contender. It also skirts the FDA regulations forbid making pain relief claims. Offering peace is unquantifiable, yet communicates general feelings of wellbeing.



Barracuda Reporting Server

The Reporting Server was conceived in order to offload the time intensive data processing and increase reporting accuracy. In the past, running detailed reports would take hours. With the Barracuda Reporting Server, detailed aggregated reports could be run in a fraction of the time.

Heartmath EM Wave Pro

Heartmath approached me to help integrate a new feature for their EMWave Pro. They were selling EMWave Pro to healthcare clinicians to help patients have less negative impact on their hearts due to stress.  The training features were in place, we needed to add  self assessment feature that would track their progress over time.

More about the EMWave Pro project

MedAmerica Smart Search Flow

MedAmerica’s clunky web search application wasn’t working for mobile users. That’s where I came in. I proposed a smart search app that made it easy for mobile users to find people and facilities. Increasing user productivity, saved history is pre-populated when users tap “Search.”

Imprivata Cortext Mobile

I started working with the Imprivata Cortext team right after version one hit the market. Context, a HIPAA compliant text messaging app for healthcare, had launched a core set of features. Product management still had a long list of feature requests.  I helped the team achieve product parity on IOS, Android and desktop platforms.


Imprivata Cortext Desktop Messaging

Cortext Desktop app was designed specifically for nurses. We conducted interviews and design validation with charge nurses to craft an experience that allowed them to seamlessly communicate with their mobile counterparts.


Axcient Content

Today’s products need to speak directly to the user. It’s important to craft messaging that in both informative and easy to follow.


Symantec SPC Mobile

For the Symantec Protection Center we had to pull in data from multiple products and display them in an executive dashboard. This iPad app was designed with the busy executive in mind.

More about Symantec SPC >


Babine Steelhead Lodge

The new owners of the Babine Steelhead Lodge inherited a rustic lodge and antiquated website. They wanted a website to reflect their updated facilities.  I choose Tavel Eye Pro theme by Wen Themes. We added their new logo and BIG fish pix, now their website looks as great on a mobile phone as it does on a desktop computer.

Visit the Babine Steelhead Lodge website >

Bay Area Science and Technology

Bay Area Science and Innovation Consortium (BASIC) is the science and technology arm of the Bay Area Council Economic Institute. BASIC brings together researchers from Bay Area universities and the private sector to advance the region’s leadership in innovation, science and technology. I got involved in this design project when I was working at Symantec. Mark Bregman was the CTO at Symantec and he was also one of the founders of BASIC.