CBD Peace

My clients were looking to brand their new product. I completed industry and competitor research. I knew from experience that branding had to be flexible to fit on multiple aspect ratios. The client requested a design based on a mandala. We were also looking for a unique product name, with an available domain name.

With a mandala in mind I started designing.  I applied each design idea to their three product labels. While one design might work great on the the narrow tincture bottle, it didn’t fit well on the thinner wrap around jar labels.  While those two labels where rectangular, the jar also needed a round label for the lid.

A week later I presented my client with four design options. They had a tough time choosing. In the end they decided on a modernized take on a lotus. I can’t show the winning design since they haven’t started using it.  I can show you one of the designs they didn’t choose. The peace sign design was strong and memorable contender. It also skirts the FDA regulations forbid making pain relief claims. Offering peace is unquantifiable, yet communicates general feelings of wellbeing.


Barracuda Reporting Server

The Reporting Server was conceived in order to offload the time intensive data processing and increase reporting accuracy. In the past, running detailed reports would take hours. With the Barracuda Reporting Server, detailed aggregated reports could be run in a fraction of the time.

Babine Steelhead Lodge

The Babine Steelhead Lodge is located in British Columbia. The Lodge changed hands and the new owners wanted a fresh look. We used a responsive WordPress theme to address their growing mobile customer base but still provide a great desktop experience.  Since there are a number of lodges on the Babine River, various plugins and keywords were added to optimize search engine results.


Visit Babine Steelhead Lodge website



Heartmath emWave Pro

I’ve been working with the folks at Heartmath on some exciting new products. The Android app we designed from scratch is still in development but we added some new functionality to the desktop app. EmWave Pro is designed for healthcare professionals. This tracking and coaching tool is allows clinicians to monitor client’s progress remotely.

Assessments Tab Default View

Clients have the choice of a quick assessment with paced breathing or a longer, non-paced, assessment.
Heatmath_emwave pro_2

The One-Minute Deep Breathing Assessment measures the client’s heart rhythm pattern.
Heatmath_emwave pro_3

Assessment data is stored, breathing exercises are provided and heart rate variability monitored.

Heatmath_emwave pro_5
Clinicians can see patients progress and generate reports.

Ancient – Disaster Recovery

Axcient’s backup and disaster recovery solutions have appliance and cloud backups for easy access and recovery of files, folders, applications, and servers. The development team was in a pinch when their UX designer when out on leave. That’s where I came in and for four-months kept thing rolling on their Direct-to-Cloud release schedule. Direct-to-Cloud offers customers the ability to backup servers, laptops and workstations in the cloud without having to use an appliance.

Every Direct-to-Cloud user get’s an email confirmation when their account is created.


Axcient’s Direct-to-Cloud solution requires users to download and install a an agent. Users receive an email invite and are taken to this page with instructions on how to begin their agent download.


There’s also room for products to have a personality and sometimes even a sense of humor.

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Imprivata Cortext messaging app

When I started at Imprivata Cortext secure messaging, they had their first generation iOS and Android products in the market. Below are a couple of the ways users can start a text message:



Imprivata Cortext Desktop Messaging

Imprivata Cortext’s mobile offerings suited doctors however many nurses were not allowed to carry cellphones and many spent their days at a desk. I was the lead designer on our desktop offering and when combined with our mobile apps, provides end-to-end secure healthcare communication. Below are a two of examples of how to send a new message; choose recipients from the hospital directory or choose from your favorites list.



Symantec Protection Center

The Symantec Protection Center team brought me in to help conceptualize a dashboard targeted at the Chief Information Security Officer. The development team had the backend integration in place. All we needed was a user friendly interface for the iPad.  This mobile dashboard was designed for busy executives. With a tap of their finger,  they could easily identify and mitigate business risk.


Norton Zone

The Norton Zone team brought me in to help with the second generation of their secure dropbox application. I worked on designs for how to display in app invitations for iOS and Android.

Below are a few of the ideas that came out of our the brainstorming session: