Product Designer

Beating the competition to market means trusting skilled professionals and using proven methodologies. Timing and product stability are vital but those won’t matter if customer’s don’t buy your finished product.

Following user-centered design principles keeps the team focused on the user’s needs. Asking questions, taking risks and getting feedback early and often are how you achieve customer satisfaction.

Ask the Right Questions

What problem are we trying to solve? Who are we designing for? What assumptions are we making? What constraints do we have? When does this need to be done? How will we measure success?

Think Outside the Box

Once you’ve defined the problem, audience, scope and success metrics, you’re ready to move on to the fun part; ideation. It helps to get out of the confines of the office. The best ideas often come from the most unlikely places.

Do Something Memorable

Product teams often race to be first and end up creating a product that is unreliable and difficult to scale. The first generation product should have only enough functionality to validate your assumptions. Then focus on adding one cool feature that sets your product apart from the crowd.

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